Статии с етикет: вокализъм

Вторник, 02 Юли 2013 14:22

Среднобългарският вокализъм

The article questions the use of the terms Middle Bulgarian vocalism, Middle Bulgarian consonantism, Middle Bulgarian phonetics, and finds them not justifiable from a methodological point of view since there is no Middle Bulgarian language, to which they might refer. The language spoken in the Middle Bulgarian period represents a variety of Old Church Slavonic showing some changes on morphological and phonetic levels but preserving its synthetic structure. Moreover the most important phonetic changes during this period are predetermined by the common past of all Slavic languages and their beginnigs are to be found in the Old Bulgarian epoch. The Middle Bulgarian writing reflects the confusion of the letters for the nasal vowels and provides indisputable evidence that the letter for the front nasal vowel ѧ became a letter for a back vowel ѫ signing the palatal character of the preceding consonant. The latter means that the confusion of the nasal vowels was common to all Bulgarian dialects (excluding the у-dialects) and led to the reduction of the number of the nasal vowels (3 or 4 in Old Bulgarian) to one single articulation - /ΛN/. The further denasalisation and changes of the vowel /Λ/ in vowels such as ъ, а etc. happened after the end of the Middle Bulgarian period and could be reconstructed based on data from the modern Bulgarian dialects.