ReIReS Use and Study of Special Documents, 22-27 September 2019, Sofia

The Digital Resources for Slavonic-Byzantine Studies Course in Sofia 19-21 November 2019 is part of the ReIReS Training Programme. The Course seeks to discuss Byzantine and Old-Slavonic Studies within the digital paradigm by making use of text analysis through digital tools. Choosing an extensively discussed field (Byzantine Studies) and a not-so-widely, yet with passionate followers (Old Church Slavonic Studies), Sofia University makes use of an extraordinary heritage of ‘conventional’ research and a currently-developing field to introduce its participants to a multidimensional approach of linguistics in their traditional, historical, and computational forms by following at the same time the epistemological shift and interchange in sub-fields.

The school Use and Study of Special Documents in Sofia is part of the ReIReS Training Programme and it will make scholars familiar with special, less known and remote collections like the unique collection of Greek, Arabic and Slavonic manuscripts in Centre Dujčev, the Zographou manuscripts collection, which is not accessible in situ to female researchers; with the history of Bulgarian Church and religious literature and the history of the oldest and biggest Bulgarian monastery and its role for preserving the religious identity of the Bulgarian population.